Committed to protecting children with special needs’ legal right to a meaningful education. We navigate complex laws and educational system policies and procedures to provide client-centered services.  

Our Results

Our Goals

Deliver effective student/family-centered educational legal services that help children with special needs obtain:

  • critical tools necessary to access their educational curriculum;
  • related services to support the development of social skills/cues for healthy interactions with individuals at home, school and in the community, and for responding and adapting to changing environments;
  • resources to learn independent living skills for self-advocacy, self-care, employment, health and safety, and other skills necessary to independently thrive in society
Promote educational, health and social equity, decrease the school-to-prison pipeline, and address homelessness for children with special needs, children with low socio-economic status and children from various ethnic groups.

Our Services

  • Provide legal guidance based on evaluation of educational/medical records and client's unique needs.
  • Discuss legal options and strategies.
  • Request and prepare client(s) for Individual Educational Program (IEP)/504 meetings and attend meetings.
  • Negotiate IEP educational services.
  • Defend students at Manifestation Determination Reviews
  • Review/clarify evaluation results and IEP content.
  • Analyze and discuss the strength of client(s) case for possible filing of due process complaint or educational agency complaint.
  • Prepare client(s) for mediations and negotiate at mediations.
  • Settle client(s) educational disputes (if applicable).
  • Represent client(s) at hearings and/or court.

        Law Offices of Sauda Johnson
                Special Education Attorneys

  • Receive Free and Appropriate Public Education.
  • Secure resources/related services to access educational curriculum.
  • Achieve student-centered educational milestones.
  • Minimize bullying experiences.
  • Decrease suspensions and expulsions.
  • Obtain transition planning for independent living and employment at earlier ages.

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