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Cannabis Law

Sauda S. Johnson co-founded her first law firm in New York City in 2003, directly after graduating from Brooklyn Law School. She has garnered a wealth of legal knowledge over the years and built a reputation of honesty, compassion and trust to effectively represent her clients.  *Licensed in CA and NY.

Special Education Law

        Law Offices of Sauda Johnson, PC

  • Provide legal guidance based on evaluation of educational/medical records and Client’s unique needs
  • Discuss legal options and strategies.
  • Request and prepare Client(s) for Individual Educational Program (IEP)/504 meetings and attend meetings.
  • Negotiate IEP educational services.
  • Defend students at Manifestation Determination Reviews.
  • Review/clarify evaluation results and IEP content.
  • Analyze and discuss strength of Client(s) case for possible filing of due process complaint or educational agency complaint and court actions.
  • Prepare Client(s) for mediation and negotiate at the mediation.
  • Settle Client(s) educational disputes (if applicable).
  • Represent Clients at hearings and/or in court.
  • Handle suspension and expulsion matters as applicable.